After Police K-9 Bites Cow, Deputy Tases K-9, Then Cow Kicks Deputy

Georgetown County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

According to a Facebook post the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office dropped on Wednesday, January 22, 2019, a police officer had to use his taser on his own dog to stop it from attacking a cow.

The officer was responding to a burglary on Drivers Lane in Pleasant Hill around 4pm when the incident occurred. The policeman arrived at the scene and secured the location with his K-9 and then waited for other officers to get there before entering the home.

As he waited with the property owner, a cow apparently startled the police dog and that triggered it into biting the cow. The officer at that point ordered the K-9 to let go of the cow but it wouldn’t so, to prevent the cow from becoming injured, he was forced to use his taser gun on the dog.

However, in the process of tasing his K-9 and getting him to let go, the cow kicked both the police officer and the property owner. The dog was then leashed and taken back to the deputy’s vehicle for the remainder of the investigation.

Fortunately, both men only sustained minor injuries from the cow kick but what really made this whole situation unnecessary is they ultimately found out that a burglary didn’t occur.