After Troubling Relationships, Jana Kramer Confesses “Love Was My Drug”

YouTube/Dancing With The Stars

The country music starlet and former actress opened up about her entire life story and experiences in relationships – and explained how she found a shining answer in music through a meeting with one songwriter.

Speaking in a new interview with CMT, country singer Jana Kramer revealed how one lunch date with songwriter Nicolle Galyon turned into an instant friendship and a bond over their trials with love and relationships – one that brought out a full-featured country song.

Ending up in downtown Nashville for lunch, Galyon and Kramer had a few glasses of wine and within a short period of time, had connected on an deep level as artists and through their life experiences.

“I told her my story and touched on relationships and my journey, and she told me hers. And the next day, she said, ‘I have this song,’” Kramer said of her lunch with Galyon, adding that once she heard the track it was a no-brainer. “This is the song. This is so me. I’ve been tipsy but never drunk. And I don’t have the sting of needle, and I haven’t woken up with a bottle, but I’ve done love.”

“Love was my drug,” she said.

The song, “I’ve Done Love”, which was written by Galyon, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne had been in development for a while – a track that covers the almost tortuous ups and downs of love and hard life lessons. It likens love to that of a drug, seeking your fix in a dark part of town, and waking up reeling from the effects of it, but life continues on.

“After about two glasses of wine, we were more than friends,” Galyon said to CMT about the luncheon. “We had shared our whole life stories. All the messy, raw, real life stories.”

“Then not long after, I was writing with Shane McAnally and he brought up [the song]. After knowing Jana’s story, it felt like it was just sitting there waiting for her.”

“I’ve Done Love” will be Kramer’s newest single and is set for an August 18th release date. It is her first single since 2016’s “Circles”.

“I’ve grown a lot from where I started, and I’m excited for people to hear that,” Kramer continued. “This is the start of something really great.”

Check out Jana Kramer’s 2015 hit, “I Got The Boy”, penned by fellow country singer Jamie Lynn Spears in the video below.