Aggressive Bull Elk Charges Park Ranger’s SUV

ViralHog / YouTube

Video footage has resurfaced from September 2021 showing a massive elk in Mammoth, Wyoming charging at a park ranger’s vehicle after getting too close to the animal.

The man filming said he and his family were on vacation and visiting Yellowstone National Park when they were approached by some concerned park rangers.

The rangers were asking all the people in the area to keep a certain distance back from the aggressive elk because it was charging around the neighborhood.

“So I drove back around and parked right in front of the elk. It is during the rutting season so the males were hyper-aggressive,” the man said, according to Viral Hog.

In the video, you can see one of the rangers driving in their SUV moving towards the big bull elk who was standing next to some apartment buildings.

ViralHog / YouTube

The ranger was trying to lure the wild animal out of the area before it seriously hurt someone and was using his SUV, hopefully, as an influence to drive past it and get it to move away from people.

The intentions of the ranger were good, however, things did not go as planned and instead of the animal fleeing, the elk squared up with the vehicle and began to charge right toward it.

The driver of the vehicle tried to speed up to get away because he could see what was coming but the elk was hot on his trail and smashed his antlers right into the side of the SUV.

Watch Footage Of The Wild Encounter Below