Aggressive Swan Attacks Golfer On Course

Instagram / @pw99 via TMZ

An unlucky golfer found himself at odds with an angry swan during a casual game, and his friends filmed the entire exchange.

Georgia resident John Walters was out for a game of golf with his friends when the game suddenly turned violent. A giant swan sat on the grass near the hole. At first, it appeared that Walters would be able to finish his game without disturbing the bird, but soon after the golfer made his final shot, the swan attacked.

Walters’ friends could not help but laugh as the swan lunged and even fell to the ground while trying to attack the golfer. The large bird nipped at Walters repeatedly as he tried to get away from the swan. Eventually, Walters had to resort to running away to evade the angry bird.


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While swans are typically seen as symbols of beauty or love, the birds can become aggressive if a person were to threaten their resting area. Unfortunately, Walters appeared to trigger the bird’s defense instinct by intruding on the swan’s territory.

Watch the full encounter in the video below. 

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