Alligator Pulled Out From Under SC Woman’s Car

Live 5 News / Facebook

Footage recently surfaced on social media of an alligator about seven feet in length being pulled out from underneath a car in a suburban South Carolina neighborhood.

Live 5 News / Facebook

The footage appeared to be taken by a local standing on their property after a rainy morning. It starts off with a wildlife officer reaching under a parked car with a 4ft catching pole in an attempt to place a noose around the alligator’s neck.

The wildlife officer was successful at catching the gator, but when she pulled it out from underneath the car, the woman filming the incident realized just how big it was and couldn’t contain her shock.

She screamed, “Oh my God, that thing’s gigantic!” Live 5 News reported.

Live 5 News / Facebook

The wildlife officer held onto the gator as it thrashed around trying to escape its capture. It even tried to do the notorious “death roll” in attempts to escape but with no success. Once it calmed down, another wildlife officer moved in to assist.

The video cuts off before we could see the end of the capture but we can guess that the authorities successfully removed the gator from the neighborhood and likely took it back to a habitat where it could safely be released.

Check out the footage shared by Live 5 News below.