Amazon Delivery Guy Does A “Happy Dance” When He Finds Snacks On Front Porch

Kathy Ouma / Facebook

Kathy Leaves Treats For Package Delivery Drivers

Kathy Ouma brightens the spirits of millions this holiday season with her doorbell security camera system and a simple act of kindness. Every year Kathy leaves a bucket full of water, soda, cookies, crackers, and chips out on her front porch for package delivery men to take. It’s her way of giving back and showing that she’s appreciative of them making holiday shopping easier.

Amazon Prime’s Delivery Guy Finds Bucket Of Treats

With her security camera setup, she captured the heartwarming reaction of one of Amazon Prime’s delivery guys dropping off a package and finding this bucket of goodies – it was priceless.

The guy walks up to the home to put the package on the doorstep but then notices the snacks and drinks. He stops for a second and reads the note that Kathy left saying, “Please take some goodies to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy.”

He puts the package down and immediately becomes very joyful at Kathy’s hospitality. With both hands gesturing towards the box he says,“Oh, this is nice! They got some goodies! Wow! Oh, this is sweet! Oh, wow, get out of here!” He then proceeds to do a happy dance as he’s walking away.

Kathy posted the video to Facebook and it quickly went viral. Since Monday (December 2nd), it has already been viewed by more than 10 million people with thousands sharing and liking the guy’s reaction. Not only does this go to show that a little act of kindness goes a long way but it has potentially inspired others to do the same.

Watch Amazon Delivery Man’s Reaction Below