Dale Jr. Suffers Devastating Loss

The longtime NASCAR star is surely heartbroken over the sudden death of his friend that he had just met last year. Just over a year ago, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took a day off in Atlanta, GA to make a pit stop at the College Football Hall of Fame to meet someone that looked up to […] More

Dale Jr. Poses As A Talking Deer For Mtn. Dew Commercial

Hiding behind a wall and a mounted buck, Dale Jr. shocks customers when he makes the deer come to life in this hilarious new commercial. So, this must have been what Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s been doing since he got sidelined with that concussion! Luckily for NASCAR fans, this is one of the best commercials to hit […] More

Dale Jr. Announces When He Will Return To Racing

The longtime racing legend is finally opening up about when he’s getting behind the wheel and it’s a lot sooner than many people had though possible. After enduring a serious concussion about halfway through the 2016 NASCAR season, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was forced to pull himself from racing for the remainder and seek specialist medical […] More

Dale Jr. In Hot Water After Inappropriate Photo

Just a few hours after posting the photo to social media, the racing star revealed that he didn’t regret what he did, saying that it was worth it. Opening up during his weekly podcast, The Dale Jr. Download, Dale Earnhardt Jr. confessed that one of the photos he recently tweeted got him into a bit […] More

Dale Jr. Finally Gives Us The News We’ve Been Waiting For

Months after suffering from a concussion so badly it forced him to quit for the rest of the season, the NASCAR star has made an announcement that will have his fans cheering! Dale Earnhardt Jr. was involved in two crashes this summer that ended up causing some serious issues with balance and cognition for him and […] More

7 NASCAR Crashes From 2000-2016

NASCAR has been around for a long time, but some of the wildest and insane pile-ups have happened in just the last few years – some even getting so bad as to injure fans! Nobody is more familiar with the dangers and risks during a crash than the NASCAR drivers themselves, but even they can’t […] More

Dale Jr. Opens Up About His Injury, Says He’s ‘Nervous’

Just a short time after he was initially forced to quit racing following a concerning head injury from a previous crash, until his doctors cleared him to return, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has held a press conference to clear up any misunderstandings about his current medical status and his plans to return to the track. This […] More

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