Dale Jr. In Hot Water After Inappropriate Photo

Credit: Autoblog.com

Just a few hours after posting the photo to social media, the racing star revealed that he didn’t regret what he did, saying that it was worth it.

Opening up during his weekly podcast, The Dale Jr. Download, Dale Earnhardt Jr. confessed that one of the photos he recently tweeted got him into a bit of trouble.

Following Sunday’s NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway, Alex Bowman and Dale Jr. ended up at the in-field hospital together because Bowman was significantly dehydrated after powering through a the race with a stomach flu.

As he explains, it was the photo that he snapped inside that hospital area that got him into a bit of trouble. The photo, which shows Bowman laying on a hospital bed, hooked up to an IV and still partially uniformed, was posted to Dale Jr.’s Twitter account that afternoon, but apparently was not appropriate.

“Alex was sick all weekend. He had a stomach bug before the race, and after the race he took some fluids,” Earnhardt explained in the podcast. “I tweeted a picture of him after the race, taking some fluids. I guess you’re not supposed to do that … taking pictures in medical rooms and stuff like that. (It’s) frowned upon.”

While, Dale Jr. might have gotten into a bit of hot water over the photo, it’s clear that he didn’t regret it and was proud of Bowman for his dedication and skilled performance on the track.

“I got a little slap on the wrist, but I just wanted everybody to know how hard he worked and what he was going through inside the car,” Dale Jr. continued in the podcast. “He was sick and wanting to puke. It wasn’t fun — but every time they threw the rag on green-flag restarts, he was up on the wheel and ran hard. I just wanted everybody to know that not only did he do a good job and he’s a good driver and he realized some potential (Sunday), but he battled through some adversity to do it.”

Check out the tweet that got him in trouble below along with the full podcast from DirtyMo Radio.