7 NASCAR Crashes From 2000-2016

Credit: David Graham / AP Photo

NASCAR has been around for a long time, but some of the wildest and insane pile-ups have happened in just the last few years – some even getting so bad as to injure fans!

Nobody is more familiar with the dangers and risks during a crash than the NASCAR drivers themselves, but even they can’t deny that the crashes are one of the most captivating parts of watching a race. Nobody wishes for people to get hurt during these events, but it’s just human nature to be drawn toward things that spike your adrenaline levels.

Below are 7 of the craziest crashes ever to happen in NASCAR history – and most of them are recent!

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Kurt Busch Gets Flipped During Aaron’s 499 2013

This insane pile-up took out nearly everyone on the track and left Ryan Newman fuming to commentators afterward. Luckily everyone walked away from the accident – especially Kurt Busch who flipped over several times and came down hard on top of Ryan Newman’s car.

2009 Talladega Sends Ryan Newman Flying

Speaking of Ryan Newman, he had his own problems on the track when his car went flying through the air during the Nov. 1 race just a few laps before Mark Martin did nearly the same thing.

Clint Bowyer’s High-Flying Barrel Roll At Daytona

“He got enough air time to qualify for his pilot’s license,” one announcer says of Bowyer’s airborne car during this intense clip. The crash looks wild, but Bowyer didn’t let it stop him and he finished the race shortly afterward.

Car Ripped To Shreds After Ryan Newman’s Tire Comes Off Mid-Race

Ryan Newman’s name is on this list a lot, but there’s not much to do when he’s part of these crazy crashes and this early-career race became one of the worst he’ll likely ever experience.

Everything looks fine as they’re speeding around the track. In a flash, Newman’s wheel comes off and he’s sent flying through the air – his car being torn into pieces as he flips across the inside field.

Geoff Bodine Explodes On Contact With Safety Wall

During the 2000 Craftsman Truck Series race at Daytona, Geoff Bodine suffered some horrible injuries during this insane crash that sent him flying into the barrier at nearly 200 mph.

He broke his ankle, wrist, cheekbone, and a segment of his back during the crash but was able to return to racing after spending a good amount of time recovering. Nine fans were also injured as a result of his close contact to the stands. Luckily, everyone survived this horrifying event.

Not much was left of his car when this was over.

Violent Crash Tears Up Stands When Austin Dillon Goes Airborne

One of the worst crashes to ever happen at Daytona International Speedway, Austin Dillon was lucky to walk away with his life.

This crash sparked one of the biggest lawsuits from a bystander/fan in NASCAR history.

The story is best told by Austin himself in the video above.