Dale Jr. Takes First Lap Around Talladega Since Concussion

Nationwide/Hendrick Motorsports

He’s back in action again! This NASCAR star showed everyone at the track that he wasn’t going to let this injury get the best of him when he went for his first lap around Talladega Superspeedway since his concussion diagnosis.

While a lot of fans might not be happy that they didn’t get to see the aggressive racing they’re used to at the Talladega elimination race this last weekend, many fans were ecstatic to watch one of their favorite driver’s get back on the blacktop after pulling himself from racing for the remainder of the season.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. suffered from a severe concussion this summer after being involved in two pretty heavy crashes and he’s been on the mend ever since. Seeing a variety of doctors and specialists, Dale Jr. wasn’t holding back and got right to the business of recovery once he was diagnosed.

This weekend marked the first time Dale Jr. got back out on the speedway at Talladega, although it wasn’t in his normal car – he still had Alex Bowman filling in for him in that car!

Nope! Dale Jr. made his surprise appearance in an awesome way: riding shotgun in the semi that flew the American flag at the event commencement!

It was a great way to get back out there in front of fans without compromising or endangering his health!

Check out the FOX Sports Nationwide Dale Jr. Moment of the Week below!