Judge Declares Mistrial After NASCAR Driver Savagely Beaten

WSOC-TV/Mark Becker

Both he and his daughter were viciously attacked in a parking lot after attending a country concert and now the men responsible have been granted their request for a mistrial.

In June of this year, NASCAR driver Mike Wallace and his daughter were attending a Rascal Flatts concert at the PNC Bank Pavilion when they were violently beaten by a group of men Wallace had been talking to.

Wallace, who is the brother of NASCAR Hall of Famer, Rusty Wallace, and also brother to sports analyst Kenny Wallace, reportedly was talking to a group of men when they attacked him without being provoked.

According to earlier reports on the beating, Wallace was beaten until he was unconscious – after which, the assailants continued to attack his limp body and kicked him repeatedly in the face. Wallace’s daughter, Lindsay Wallace Van Wingerden, also suffered undisclosed injuries after trying to shield her father with her body while the bloodthirsty attackers continued beating him.

Now, in a new segment of the court case against Paul Lucas, Nathan Lucas, and Randolph Mangum, the judge presiding over the case has approved the their attorney’s request for a mistrial.

According to WSOC-TV, Judge Ronald Chapman granted their request based on evidence that witnesses had violated a “sequestration order” and had “compromised the integrity of the case”. The station’s report also says that the violation stemmed from the two witnesses were inside the courtroom when the case’s first witness testified.

While this sounds like it may be bad news for Mike Wallace and his family, it doesn’t mean that they will not see justice brought forth for the horrifying crimes committed against him and his daughter.

The judge’s decision came moments after Wallace and other witnesses took the stand today (Oct. 26th) and one report by FOX46 states that one witness recalled leaving the concert and hearing shouting before noticing an older man curled into the fetal position on the ground. She flipped him over and saw blood “everywhere”.

Wallace has stated that he does not know why he was attacked. It remains to be seen what the next step in the case will be, and it may end up that they move the case to another county.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Wallace family as they work to overcome this horrifying ordeal that has traumatized them.