Brokenhearted Kid Rock Mourns Devastating Loss

  He poured out his heart during this deeply emotional and heartfelt tribute to a woman that was so much more than just a good friend – she represented a tremendously happy part of many people’s day with her vibrant on-air personality. Mourning the loss of someone he considered a good friend and identified as […] More

Kid Rock Drops Jaws With Spontaneous Country Music Tribute

A few years ago, no one would have ever thought to label Kid Rock as a country artist. Although there really isn’t any sort of a label that can be attached to the 47-year-old singer, he’s been more associated with country music in recent years. Rock’s dive into the country music world started in 2002 […] More

Kid Rock & Hank Williams Jr. Team Up For “Redneck Paradise”

Two epic names in country music teamed up for one of the most killer music videos to hit social media. Taking accountability for their redneck tendencies while embracing their roots, Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. explosively celebrated the redneck culture that they so fondly live and breathe! While glorifying their Southern ways, the two bad asses shot an […] More

Official Announces Kid Rock As Possible 2018 Senator

It looks like we might have another celebrity in office soon if rumblings from within the Michigan Republican Party come to fruition. According to Roll Call, a news outlet that describes itself as “The source for news on Capitol Hill since 1955”, this hard-rocking Michigan native has had his name tossed into the ring for […] More

Kid Rock’s Explosive Mashup Of His Greatest Hits Will Melt Your Face Off

Kid Rock kicked off the 2009 Grammy Awards with a medley of three of his biggest hits. Known for his unapologetic badass attitude, Rock delivered an explosive mashup of “Amen,” “All Summer Long,” and “Rock N Roll Jesus” that absolutely put the rest of the performances to shame. Rock kicked off the performance with an ultra patriotic performance of […] More

Kid Rock Sparks Major Controversy With Record Label

***WARNING, some foul language in quotes and images included in this article.**** Kid Rock has never been afraid to speak his mind on any topic, whether it be music or politics. During the election season this year, Rock made it crystal clear which candidate he supported, and why. Speaking to Rolling Stone in February, Rock […] More