Kid Rock & Bob Seger Join Forces For ‘All Summer Long’

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Kid Rock is known for being a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. So when he brought up a classic rock legend to join him on stage – the crowd was more than pleased!

A Rock And Roll Legend

Bob Seger made his mark in the world of music with his rockin’ tunes such as “Shakedown” and Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” that left fans begging for more.

“Kid” Rock And Roll

Country music got its socks rocked off when Kid Rock came on the scene. He brought elements of rock and roll and rap to the genre – something no one had ever thought to do before. While people have their opinions about mixing genres there is one thing most can agree on…Kid Rock puts on some epic shows.

Not to mention his “All Summer Long” has become a summer staple!

A One-Of-A-Kind Performance

Standing before an incredibly eager crowd, the rocker addressed his audience as he happily welcomed to the stage an iconic musician that has no doubt left his mark on the world of rock music. Bob Seger was all smiles as he adjusted his black headband and hurried to his microphone!

As the intro to “All Summer Long” blared from the stage, Rock kicked off their performance that had the crowd jumping on their feet. Seger was quick to join in, adding his iconic vocals to the fiery hit and giving his fans a moment to remember.

The rockstars enjoyed their time on stage by feeling the heavy beat and admiring the stellar guitarist performing no more than a few feet from the energetic men. As Seger hyped up the crowd, Rock began shredding on his air guitar, mimicking the uncanny talent that was heard over the venue’s speakers. “I’m on stage with Bob Seger,”  Rock yelled into his microphone before diving back into their performance and leaving fans with great memories.

Check out the performance below!