Lady A Turns Sam Hunt Mega-Hit Into Hysterical Parody Song

After being on the road all summer, Lady Antebellum’s only female member Hillary Scott wanted to gift her male bandmates with something extra comfy to relax in – bathrobes! She enjoys having hers while on tour, so she figured they would too. Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood exchanged a fist bump to celebrate their new digs […] More

Lady Antebellum Finally Addresses Breakup Rumors

Lady Antebellum sent their fans into a bit of a frenzy at the end of 2015. After the completion of their tour that year, the group announced their plans to take a break and enjoy some downtime. During that period, each of the group members went on to pursue some individual passion projects. Dave Haywood […] More

Lady Antebellum Drops Huge Bombshell About Their Future

Following a two-year break, and going their separate ways with solo careers, the three members have finally confirmed the hard-hitting question fans have had on their minds. With their most recent album released in September 2014, Lady Antebellum has been very soft-spoken and tight lipped about what’s happening with their future as a band. Even […] More

This Country Star Gets Confused With Hillary Clinton All The Time!

“There are people who love me, accidentally….and there are people who really don’t!” She confessed during her interview with CMT’s Cody Alan. Apparently she gets confused so much with the 2016 Presidential Candidate, that it’s become quite a phenomenon on Twitter and she’s even had some passionate people lash out at the confusion! “Good to see […] More