Earth, Wind & Fire Bring Lady A On Stage For “September” Collaboration For 2017 CMT Crossroads

Getty Images / John Shearer

Two powerful forces meet center stage for a performance that blew the roof off of CMT’s June 2017 ‘CMT Crossroads’ episode – and it was something you’ve got to hear to believe!

Spanning across more genres that any group has tried to do before, it was no surprise that legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire were thrilled to become part of the Crossroads series where performers blend hits from both country and other genres into a stage collaboration that always has fans begging for more.

In this episode from CMT, Earth, Wind & Fire did not stop at just performing with one country artist – nope, they performed with seven of them! Joining forces with the talented trio of Lady Antebellum, these legendary hitmakers brought one of their signature ’70s hits to life in a collaboration that literally dropped jaws.

Together, these two musical icons unleashed an unprecedented performance of “September” that had the entire audience cheering! Released in November 1978, this No. 1 hit single soared across the charts in multiple countries and quickly became one of the band’s most recognizable tracks.

Check out Earth, Wind & Fire teaming up with Lady Antebellum in the video below!