NASCAR Driver Scores Rock Legend As Wedding Singer

No better way to celebrate! Amid the hammering of retirement announcements, several beloved NASCAR drivers had some great news to share with the world as we kicked off this New Year, and we are all thrilled to hear it! Along with legendary Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s highly-publicized wedding on New Year’s Eve, fellow racer Kurt Busch […] More

Another NASCAR Driver Announces Retirement

Just a day after one of the biggest drivers in the sport called it quits, another one has joined him while also announcing that his family’s racing team is shutting down too. Yesterday, January 11th, one of NASCAR’s favorite drivers (and one known for his signature winning backflip) revealed he was exiting the sport. Carl […] More

NASCAR’s Carl Edwards Finally Reveals Why He’s Quitting

In an official press conference today, the longtime favorite driver confessed that what had happened during his career helped shape his decision to pull the plug on his time behind the wheel of a stock car. NASCAR’s famous backflip driver, Carl Edwards, held a series of joint press conferences with his racing team, Joe Gibbs […] More

Watch Angry NASCAR Driver Deliberately Crash Into Opponent

The race was tight and filled with close competition, but this one driver wasn’t letting the grudge go after he had tangled with his opponent earlier in the race. Taking to the track on Tuesday, December 6th, both young drivers Stephen Nasse and William Byron found themselves in a bit of a pickle during a […] More

Dale Jr. Finally Reveals Wedding Date

During the huge annual celebration for NASCAR drivers and fans everywhere, this racing star opened up in depth about his upcoming wedding with fiancé, Amy Reimann. Both Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Reimann have remained noticeably silent about the details of their wedding, except for little tidbits that slip out here and there during various interviews. Dale […] More

NASCAR Driver Sues His Team For $2.2 Million

Just a day after praising his team for allowing him to race during a year he had anticipated having off, famed NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer launches a massive lawsuit against HScott Motorsports. Bowyer, who was planning on not racing for the 2016 season (due to his agreement to join Stewart-Hass Racing as Tony Stewart’s replacement […] More

NASCAR Driver Posts Hysterical Videos After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Literally just moments after getting his wisdom teeth out, this Sprint Cup driver had a bunch of fans giggling (and his wife rolling her eyes) at his hilarious antics during several impromptu Facebook Live videos. Matt DiBenedetto apparently chose the week following the championship race (and the week of Thanksgiving) to have his wisdom teeth […] More

Dale Jr. Reveals What His Father Would Think Of New NASCAR Champ

Having tied with the record set by Dale Earnhardt Sr., Jimmie Johnson stole the show when he secured his 7th NASCAR Premier Series win this weekend during the Homestead race. Just a short time after clinching his win by avoiding a fiery crash late in the race, Johnson’s name appeared in headlines catching eyes everywhere. […] More

Epic NASCAR Mannequin Challenge Wins The Game

The world has been overtaken by the latest social media craze, “The Mannequin Challenge,” with seemingly everyone jumping at the first opportunity to get in on the fun. NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin enlisted his crew to give the viral craze a shot. “The Mannequin Challenge” is a video trend in which people stand still (like a mannequin) while […] More

28-Year-Old NASCAR Driver Announces Retirement

Shocking the entire community in an unexpected post, the young driver confessed racing had “taken its toll” on him. “First, I want to say thank you for the support, friendship and good memories made. My decision to end one chapter in my life and change my focus going forward was not a decision I made or […] More

NASCAR Drivers Comfort Sad Hillary Supporters

Feeling that much of America was deeply saddened by Trump’s win, these famous racers reached out to pat everyone on the back for a democratic job well-done. While many NASCAR drivers made their political views known well before the election came to a screeching halt last night, others remained markedly silent on the topic throughout the […] More