Dale Jr. Finally Gives Us The News We’ve Been Waiting For

Months after suffering from a concussion so badly it forced him to quit for the rest of the season, the NASCAR star has made an announcement that will have his fans cheering! Dale Earnhardt Jr. was involved in two crashes this summer that ended up causing some serious issues with balance and cognition for him and […] More

Daytona Speedway Issues Statement On Hurricane Damage & Hoax

Following the horrific damage of last week’s Hurricane Matthew, the speedway was shown completely under water and instantly went viral across all channels of social media, but late Friday afternoon, Daytona International Speedway issued a statement on the matter. With more than $5 billion already tallied in damage, it’s no wonder that this storm is […] More

7 NASCAR Crashes From 2000-2016

NASCAR has been around for a long time, but some of the wildest and insane pile-ups have happened in just the last few years – some even getting so bad as to injure fans! Nobody is more familiar with the dangers and risks during a crash than the NASCAR drivers themselves, but even they can’t […] More

NASCAR Settles Massive Crash Lawsuit

Following one of the biggest and most dangerous crashes in NASCAR history, one man filed a lawsuit against both NASCAR and Daytona Intn’l. Speedway claiming that both were negligent after Austin Dillon’s car flew through the protective barrier that separates the track from the stands. In the original complaint, William Fulton claims that he was […] More

Furious Danica Patrick Unleashes After Track Incident

Her fury was heard loud and clear this last Sunday when she slammed Kyle Busch with a harsh generalization that really falls into a danger of racing. As part of the chatter between drivers and their crew, Fox Sports puts together some of the best or most notable clips from races for a series they call “Radioactive”. […] More

NASCAR Hall Of Fame Under Attack, Damaged & Looted

As riots swept through Charlotte, the $160 million building fell to the hands of abusive vandals that attempted to destroy anything in their path. Holding the irreplaceable memorabilia and exhibits from the many, many years of the sport as well as a news center, offices, etc, the NASCAR Hall of Fame was involved in the massive […] More

NASCAR Driver Stops To Help Cancer Patient In Car Crash

Not only is he a talented racing star, but he’s also a great person and a good samaritan – as proved by his recent actions to help someone many others refused to. As reported by Fox Sports and 23ABC News, well-known NASCAR racing pro, Kevin Harvick stopped to assist a car in need after (what […] More

NASCAR Slapped With $500 Million Lawsuit

The newly filed case accuses the racing organization of discriminating against black drivers and black-owned racing teams. In a new report by Reuters, details of the lawsuit are unveiled showing that the plaintiff, Terrance Cox and his racing company, Diversity Motorsports Racing LLC, are accusing NASCAR of preventing black teams and drivers from competing – including […] More

NASCAR Driver Welcomes Baby Girl, Misses Race To Attend Birth

The NASCAR family just got a little bit bigger! NASCAR driver Regan Smith and his wife Megan welcomed daughter Eliza Grace Smith into the world Sunday Sept. 18 . Smith unexpectedly left the Chicagoland Speedland prior to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 400 and raced home to North Carolina to assist his wife in the […] More

Legendary NASCAR Driver Interrupts Speech, Announces Retirement

Known as one of the greatest race car drivers in history, this truly accomplished champion took everyone by surprise when he casually announced his retirement when the announcer was introducing him at a recent race. According to National Speed Sport News, Steve Kinser made headlines when he snuck in his retirement announcement on Monday night […] More

Substance Abuse Forces Tony Stewart’s Team To Find Replacement

Suspended indefinitely under NASCAR’s substance abuse rules and penalty, the No. 4 jackman, will not be returning to the track anytime soon. Co-owned by Tony Stewart, the Stewart-Haas Racing team was included in a list of penalties and violations from the events at Watkins-Glen. Included was Michael Casto, the jackman for the No. 4 on […] More