NASCAR Driver Posts Hysterical Videos After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Credit: Facebook/Matt DiBenedetto Racing

Literally just moments after getting his wisdom teeth out, this Sprint Cup driver had a bunch of fans giggling (and his wife rolling her eyes) at his hilarious antics during several impromptu Facebook Live videos.

Matt DiBenedetto apparently chose the week following the championship race (and the week of Thanksgiving) to have his wisdom teeth extracted and it turned out to be a great moment for NASCAR fans everywhere when he chose to live-stream his slow float down from anesthesia.

His first video was shot as he and his loving and patient wife Taylor were on their way home from the dentist’s office following his surgery. Of course, Taylor was the one behind the wheel – a point that DiBenedetto made very clear. He also hilariously speculated on his ability (or lack of) to get behind the wheel of a stock car!

The 5-plus minute video has a lot of him examining his own cheeks and staring blankly at himself as if his smartphone were a mirror. He gave fans a status update on his condition (loopy with a side of awesomeness) and interacted with the various Facebook friends that joined in on the live stream.

While he began saying he was headed home to go to bed with his wife in strong agreement, he quickly changed his mind and decided to go to the gym, play golf, and even said that he needed to dance to Taylor Swift’s chart-topping hit, “Shake It Off”.

Mistaking the gauze inside his cheeks for swelling he marvels at how puffy his cheeks are even after Taylor reminds him it’s just the gauze!

The second video, taken just after DiBenedetto and his wife arrived home and are parked inside their garage takes his anesthesia-induced antics even further.

While wife Taylor has the logical and splendid idea of getting her husband inside to eat and sleep off the drugs, DiBenedetto has different plans for his day.

“No, I’m not taking a nap!” He says to his wife. “I’m going inside to party….I’m partying!

Immediately after that he reaches an agreement with his loving wife as they decide he will head inside to play video games, and as he calls it “eye racing”.

Once inside, he quickly finds his place on the sofa, still loopy, and opens up to fans about his American Idol dreams before starting a short Q&A session.

Watch Matt DiBenedetto’s hilarious wisdom teeth videos below!