Dale Jr. Reveals Hysterical Reason Police Didn’t Ticket Him

Credit: Twitter/TalladegaSuperS

While his fiancé was quick to share his traffic stop with the world, the racing star finally explained how he got lucky enough to escape being ticketed for speeding by some of Texas’ finest!

His bride-to-be, Amy Reimann, shared the adorable moment Dale Earnhardt Jr. got pulled over for speeding on his way to Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. She also shared that he was able to escape with a warning, but it wasn’t until later that he revealed exactly what stroke of luck happened that permitted “just a warning”!

In response to a journalist, Reimann shared a quote from Dale Jr. about the experience with the officer and what helped him escape a hefty ticket (although we still don’t know how fast he was going).

His ticket giver was broke. He said ‘I’ll have to get your autograph another day’,” Reimann quoted Dale Jr. on Twitter.

Hilariously, the speedy racer got caught doing what he does best and was blessed to be pulled over by an officer with a malfunctioning ticket device!

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