NASCAR Champ Saves Campers During Flooding

WCYB News Channel 5

As water began to rise around the speedway, this longtime driver and recent champion did whatever he could to help the folks that got caught up in the flooding grounds.

A driver for JTG Daugherty Racing, 2015 NASCAR Xfinity champion Chris Buescher proved his commitment to fans when he and fellow teammates took to the outlying camping areas of Bristol Motor Speedway in an effort to assist campers in getting to higher ground.

With a rained-out race weekend, Buescher had already been trying to make the best of things when he treated his team to some cookie cakes after they pulled out his backup car for the first time in his career – and he took it to the next level when he and several others hopped in a pickup to go help the soggy campers.

According to Buescher, when they noticed the creek had flooded quite a bit, he decided to go check in on the campers that were still out at the track.

“There were just a couple of campers that were still down there in some of the lower lying areas that were starting to fill up pretty quickly,” He told “It was a good time – I had fun. I like playing in the dirt anyway, so it worked out for me!”

Throughout several Instagram posts, Buescher showed the not-so-fun looking evening that many of the campers had along with a couple snapshots of folks who got stuck in the mud and they helped out and one bus in danger that he desperately tried to find the owner of.

In a report from WCYB, campers at the nearby Earhart Campground found themselves in a swampy situation within about 30 minutes – not nearly enough time for all of them to evacuate and water rescue teams were called in to help out.

Check out the full report from the newsroom in the video below.