Puppy Lays On Snake To Protect Kids – Is Bitten 4 Times & Dies

A 9-month-old puppy named Zeus gave his own life to protect the family he loved, and now he’s being called a hero. Gina Richardson told CNN on Sunday (September 29) that her 10-year-old son, Oriley, was playing in the backyard of their Florida home when Zeus abruptly jumped at him and started attacking something on […] More

Shark Filmed Eating Dead Horse After Hurricane Dorian

Warning: Video Contains Graphic Content – Viewer Discretion Is Advised Within one day after the devastating Hurricane Dorian reached North Carolina, outdoor and fishing enthusiast Kevin Harris from Reel Hooker Fishing & Outdoor Adventures filmed a truly shocking and remarkable part of nature. Harris was offshore fishing that day and making his way through the […] More

KFC Adds Mac & Cheese Bowls To Menu

We’re sure you’ve tried (and enjoyed) KFC’s popcorn chicken bowls before. Known as their “Famous” bowls, the delicious dish combines mashed potatoes, sweet corn, gravy, popcorn chicken, and cheese into one bowl. The result is a filling dish that perfectly fits the definition of “comfort food.” View this post on Instagram Sitting outside my gym…. […] More

Gator Filmed Climbing Over Fence At Naval Air Station In Florida

The Naval Air Station in Jacksonville may be a secure military base, but one determined alligator still managed to sneak in. A chain link fence runs along the roadside of the base, and its purpose is to deter would-be intruders of the human variety. We’re sure those who installed the fence never thought it would […] More

Chick-fil-A To Replace Peach Milkshake With New Drink

While Chick-fil-A has its standard menu items you can always count on seeing, other items are seasonal or limited time offerings. One such item is the famous peach milkshake, which returns every summer season but disappears off the menu by the time fall rolls around. View this post on Instagram It's peachy keen to have […] More