Louisiana Man Hooks 7-Foot Alligator Gar

It’s a running joke that fishermen tend to exaggerate the size of their catches. But when Leroy Andrus tells people he once hooked a seven-footer, he’s telling the truth. Andrus was fishing past the floodgates in Krotz Springs, Louisiana when he hooked a monster fish. As he was reeling in his catch, he could likely […] More

Study Proves Your Spouse Loves The Dog More Than You

Dogs didn’t earn the title of “man’s best friend” for no reason. People love their dogs, and dogs love them unconditionally in return. Our favorite furry companions share our homes and our lives, so it’s no wonder why we have the tendency to develop such strong bonds with them. And one survey is showing just […] More

15-Foot Snake On The Loose For 2 Weeks & Counting…

A massive snake is currently on the loose, and it has somehow managed to avoid the police over the course of two weeks. In mid-June, authorities in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, began searching for the snake after it was sighted three times in one day. There was a great sense of urgency to find the snake, since […] More

Mama Rat Fights Off Snake To Save Her Baby

One bystander was quick enough to pull out her camera and hit record when she witnessed what she called an “amazing act of love of a mother” right before her eyes. Rojas Montecinos Evy captured a few minutes of footage that shows the desperate struggle of a mother rat trying to save her baby from […] More

Rare, Clockwise-Turning Tornado Touches Down In South Dakota

Within recent weeks, tornadoes have torn through various states across the U.S., with many leaving immense destruction in their wake. But one tornado that touched down in South Dakota on Saturday (June 15) was unlike any other y’all have seen this year. Radar imagery captured the tornado, which touched down northeast of the city of […] More

131-Pound Snake Finds Its Way Into Louisiana Machine Shop

Some guys at a local machine shop in Broussard, Louisana were in for quite the surprise this week when an absolutely massive Burmese python wound up inside their place of employment. The snake, which weighed 131 pounds and is more than 16 feet long, is not a native species to the area – and, in […] More