French Bulldog Goes On Diet, Throws Fit Over Empty Food Dish

RM Videos / YouTube

We’re sure many of you know the feeling. You eat your meal, but still feel unsatisfied even though you’ve cleaned your plate. So you decide to go up for seconds.

But if that second helping isn’t around, you find yourself feeling angry. You just want more food!

This conundrum is especially frustrating when you’re on a diet. You want to have a second helping, but can’t because you’re trying to work toward a fitness goal. And few things are more aggravating than being told you can’t eat when you want to eat!

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These feelings are not exclusive to humans. Dogs also love their food, and many get upset when they feel like their owners have robbed them of their much-wanted extra helping.

One French Bulldog threw quite the tantrum when it ate all of its breakfast and was told it couldn’t have any more. The hilarious moment was captured on video, and shared on the viral content YouTube channel RM Videos.

The video, which has millions of views since it was posted, shows the angry Frenchie whining over the sight of its empty food dish.

You’ve had enough, your breakfast is gone,” the owner can be heard telling the pup. When the Frenchie whines yet again, the owner encourages it to “move on.”

RM Videos / YouTube

The owner tries to reason with the aggravated pooch, saying, “You’ll get more tonight at supper, you are not starving.” Of course, the Frenchie still wasn’t having it, and continued to protest.

But the dog went full-on crazy when the owner reminded it that it was on a diet. It backed away from its food dishes and began howling like crazy, making it clear it was not happy about the circumstances.

We understand where the pup is coming from, we’d be upset too!

You can watch the Frenchie’s tantrum by tuning in to the clip below. It’s sure to give you a good chuckle.