Gator Filmed Climbing Over Fence At Naval Air Station In Florida

The Naval Air Station in Jacksonville may be a secure military base, but one determined alligator still managed to sneak in. A chain link fence runs along the roadside of the base, and its purpose is to deter would-be intruders of the human variety. We’re sure those who installed the fence never thought it would […] More

Horrified Woman Discovers Saucepan-Sized Spider In Living Room

Laree Clarke returned home one day to discover an unwanted houseguest in her living room. And the sight of the unexpected guest sent her into an immediate panic. The guest wasn’t a person, but rather, a massive huntsman spider that was crawling all over Clarke’s living room ceiling. Although the spider scared her, Clarke stopped […] More

World-Famous Border Collie Known For Super Smarts Passes Away

Dogs are some of the most intelligent animals out there. They can find missing people, tug sleds, and guide the blind, just to name a few of the complicated tasks they’re capable of performing. But one dog, a spunky Border Collie named Chaser, was regarded as the “world’s smartest dog.”  She didn’t earn that title […] More

Study Proves Your Spouse Loves The Dog More Than You

Dogs didn’t earn the title of “man’s best friend” for no reason. People love their dogs, and dogs love them unconditionally in return. Our favorite furry companions share our homes and our lives, so it’s no wonder why we have the tendency to develop such strong bonds with them. And one survey is showing just […] More

Pregnant Deer Gives Birth To Triplets, Including Rare Albino Fawn

Tracy Baker of Miles City, Montana got the chance to witness something extraordinary on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday. Baker was stunned to see a female deer giving birth in a large, grassy area, and observed that she had not one, but two babies with her. It’s not at all uncommon for does to give birth […] More