Video Shows Wolf Eel Head Biting Through Coke Can

Bat Crazy Fisherman / YouTube

Warning: this video is graphic.

A YouTube channel by the name of Bat Crazy Fisherman is warning the public: do not mess with Wolf Eel, even if the head is detached from the body.

These fishermen caught a Wolf Eel, which can grow up to 7 ft 10 inches in length and weigh up to 41 pounds, and showed everyone just how dangerous they can be. This particular wolf eel was younger, as it was orange with dark spots. Older ones are grey or a dark olive color. 

The fishermen pulled the wolf eel out of a bucket of water and put an unopened can of coke in front of it. This angle the camera was really showed off how terrifying the animal is with super sharp teeth and huge eyes. The eel bit straight through the can, and liquid exploded everywhere.

The fishermen then went through their normal routine of cutting the head off, but they brought the head back to show that it will still bite even when not attached to a body!

They brought the head back and pulled out a new can of coke, and it bit straight through it once again! Terrifying!

Watch it below.