Texas Parks and Wildlife Remove “Small Alligator” From Whataburger Restaurant

Aransas Pass Police Department / Facebook

If you’re in the state of Texas, Whataburger is the place to go for a late night meal.


Whether your go-to order is the patty melt, the burger, or just their addictive fries, everyone has a favorite item at Whataburger.

It seems humans aren’t the only ones who indulge in an occasional late-night Whataburger run!

The Aransas Police Department shared a video on August 23, 2020, at 8:15 a.m. of their officers assisting the Texas Parks and Wildlife department after customers and employees found a small alligator on the property.

The Facebook post showed an officer capturing the alligator outside the front doors. The officer was fighting the animal for the entirety of the almost-three-minute video, eventually wrestling it to the ground where he was able to tape its mouth closed and grab it with his hands.

Aransas Pass Police Department shared the video on Facebook and said Texas Parks and Wildlife Department “did trap and relocate the gator.”

They also jokingly wrote, “I guess it goes to show, Whataburger really is the choice of late night snacks for just about everyone, human and animal!

Watch the full video below.