Mama Bison Charges Woman Who Came Too Close To Her & Calf

Photo by Andrew Coop on Unsplash

The Rapid City Journal reports a woman in Custer State Park was “knocked down” by a bison on Saturday (August 28).

Custer State Park, which is located in South Dakota, serves as a home to a variety of animals, including bison. According to Travel South Dakota, the Park is home to “more than 1,400 bison.”

The bison are currently in the middle of their “rut,” or mating season, so the Park has warned visitors to be extra cautious around the animals during this time. Unfortunately, the previously mentioned woman found out exactly what happens when you get too close to these large and powerful creatures.

Kobee Stalder, the visitor services program manager for the Park, told the Rapid City Journal the woman and a companion were walking back to their cabin near the general store following a wedding at the Park’s pavilion. On their walk, the couple encountered a bison herd in a field across from the Park’s education center.

Stalder said the woman and her companion got too close to a female bison and her calf. That’s when the female bison charged. “Unfortunately they got a little too close and the lady was knocked down by a buffalo,” Stadler told the Rapid City Journal.

Police quickly arrived on the scene and the woman was checked by first responders. Thankfully, she suffered no serious injures:

Other than some bumps and bruises she was OK,” Stadler said. “We’re very fortunate in that aspect that no more severe injuries were sustained during that incident.

Stadler used this story to remind visitors to maintain at least 100 yards between them and any bison they encounter:

We encourage visitors to make a conscious effort to give them their space,” Stalder said. “Whether that cow felt threatened or maybe that person walking didn’t realize she was between a cow and a calf, we’re not too certain on that, but she was close enough to alter that animal’s behavior.”

If you’d like to learn more about bison, check out the video below.