Chick-fil-A To Replace Peach Milkshake With New Drink

Chick-fil-A, Inc. / Instagram

While Chick-fil-A has its standard menu items you can always count on seeing, other items are seasonal or limited time offerings. One such item is the famous peach milkshake, which returns every summer season but disappears off the menu by the time fall rolls around.

As of this writing, you can still order a peach milkshake at Chick-fil-A, though not for long. The seasonal drink is due to disappear from the menu at the end of August.

But the restaurant already has a new sweet treat lined up to fill its empty spot on the menu. And this new beverage combines two things many people love…coffee and ice cream.

On Monday (August 12), Chick-fil-A unveiled its newest dessert drink, the Frosted Caramel Coffee. A press release about the drink describes it as, “a delicious hand-spun treat that combines Chick-fil-A’s custom blend of cold-brewed coffee with vanilla Icedream® dessert and caramel syrup.”

Like the peach milkshake, the Frosted Caramel Coffee is a seasonal beverage, which means it will only be on the menu for a limited time. Chick-fil-A’s statement indicates that you can order the Frosted Caramel Coffee from now until November 9, or until supplies last.

This news comes the same day that Chick-fil-A announced the addition of mac and cheese to the menu as a permanent side dish. The dish was tested at select Chick-fil-A locations over the course of the past two years, and is finally available on a nationwide scale.

Tune in to the video below to watch two women review the Chick-fil-A mac and cheese after it came to their local restaurant.

Since the Frosted Caramel Coffee is new, there aren’t many reviews out there for it yet. Have you been able to try the drink? If so, let us know what you thought of it, because we think it looks delicious!