How Beth Spoke To Dog The Bounty Hunter From The Grave

Instagram / MrsDog4Real

As the saga of woes that have plagued Dog The Bounty Hunter’s life continues following the passing of his beloved wife, Beth Chapman, he has some news to share about how his late wife reached out from beyond the grave.

Dog The Bounty Hunter recently just lost his beloved wife and partner in crime-fighting, Beth Chapman, on June 26th, 2019. As their new show on WGN America continues filming throughout this difficult time and he finds his way through life without his angel, several dark things have happened to the family.

First, the official Dog The Bounty Hunter store in Colorado was robbed and many of Beth’s own personal items and gear for the show were taken.

Now, in another bizarre twist to this chapter of Dog’s life, it appears very sophisticated scammers targeted him in a scheme that totaled more than $400,000. Luckily, Dog was able to figure it out before the scam got too far along – but it’s still shocking considering all the heartbreak he’s processing just two short months after Beth’s passing.

In a recent curbside interview with TMZ, Dog opened up about both the scam situation and, more importantly, the robbery of his family’s store in Colorado.

To this day, there has been no suspect or person of interest revealed to the public – and, according to Dog – the police chief asked him and his team to stay way out of it. But, in a surprising twist – Beth came to him and gave him a clue.

“As for whether Dog and his team are going to get involved in tracking the burglars down, he says he’s already promised law enforcement he’d stay out of it — until something specific happens that makes ’em fair game for the pack, that is. At that point, he’ll pounce,” TMZ explained.

When pressed about the rumors it might have been an inside job, Dog revealed how exactly the team had come to that conclusion.

“A psychic called and said that she was contacted by Beth and [Beth] said it was an inside job,” Dog began telling the cameraman. “So, what does that mean? It wasn’t one of my kids!”

Check out the full video below of Dog’s interview…and tell us what you think in the comments.