Louisiana Man Hooks 7-Foot Alligator Gar

Leroy Andrus / WAFB via Lelan J. LaBorde‎ / Southwest Louisiana Information Station / Facebook

It’s a running joke that fishermen tend to exaggerate the size of their catches. But when Leroy Andrus tells people he once hooked a seven-footer, he’s telling the truth.

Andrus was fishing past the floodgates in Krotz Springs, Louisiana when he hooked a monster fish. As he was reeling in his catch, he could likely tell it was big. But he had no idea what was waiting for him at the other end of the line.

After Andrus finally got the fish reeled in, he was shocked to discover it was a seven-foot alligator gar.

According to KSLA 12 News, the average length of an alligator gar is six feet, while others can be as long as ten feet.

Andrus submitted a photo of his catch to the outlet, and it shows that the fish is “a full head above” him. And Andrus is not a short man!

Check out the wild photo below so you can see the fish’s massive size yourself.


If you thought that fish was big, just wait until you watch the video below. In the clip, you’ll see a YouTuber know as “TheFishWhisperer” hook an even larger alligator gar.

The fish this fella caught ended up being eight feet long and its girth was 44 inches. That’s one giant fish!

Be sure to check out that clip below. It makes the fish that Andrus caught look tiny in comparison!

Have you ever seen an alligator gar as big as Andrus’ or the one in the video below? They are true living monsters!