Clint Eastwood’s 8 Kids Pose Together – Including The Daughter He Didn’t Know He Had

Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

He’s been a household name since the 1960s thanks to his starring roles in films like Fistful of DollarsFor a Few Dollars, and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Clint Eastwood’s celebrity only got more popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and it really never slowed down. He transitioned from starring roles to directing, and was even mayor of the California city Carmel-by-the-Sea from 1986-1988!

At 89 years old, Eastwood has been in several long-term romances and has been married twice. Over the span of 1964-1996, Clint had eight children – Kimber (1964), Kyle (1966), Alison (1972), Scott (1986), Kathryn (1988), Francesca (1993), and Morgan (1996). His eldest child was from an affair in 1953 and was put up for adoption, and goes by the name Laurie Murray.

A few of his children have followed in his footsteps into the acting world, while others have chosen careers out of the limelight. Let’s introduce you to all eight of his children!

Laurie Murray

Eastwood was engaged to his first wife Maggie Johnson when he had an affair with a woman in Seattle who became pregnant. She put the baby up for adoption and was named Laurie by her adoptive parents. According to MSN, the legendary actor had no idea she existed when she found him 30 years ago.

Laurie was curious as to who her birth parents were and when she tracked down her birth certificate, Clint Eastwood was listed as her father. She found him many years ago and has maintained a great relationship with not only him, but his ex-wife Dina, and all of his children.

She made her official red carpet debut in December 2018 with all seven of her siblings. They were supporting their dad at the premiere of his film The Mule.

Further proof that she’s been part of Clint’s life for years is a photo from the 2004 Oscars, where Laurie was pictured arm-in-arm with Clint’s mother Ruth Wood. Clint was also present for the 2012 nuptials of Laurie’s son and daughter-in-law. You can find those photos here.


Also while married to Maggie Johnson, Clint had a 14-year affair with actress and stunt woman Roxanne Tunis. They had Kimber in 1964. Growing up in the entertainment industry must have been what inspired her career. She is a well-known film producer and make-up artist.

Kimber is produced a six-part mini-series in 2016 called Diary of a Lunatic.

Her previous work includes being the makeup artist for The Mule and Wheel of Fortune (2005-2012), and makeup department head on Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. Kimber has produced several mini-series and has acted in a few short films.


Kyle Eastwood is Clint and first wife Maggie Johnson’s first child together, born in 1968. As a child, Kyle starred alongside his famous father in the movie Honkytonk Man. He played Whit, Clint’s character Red’s nephew.

He has acted a few more times, but is more known for his incredible musical abilities. He is credited as a musician or composer on several films including Regarding Henry, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of our Fathers, Grace Is Gone, Changeling, Gran Torino, and Jersey Boys.

Check out his incredible song “Soulful Times” below.


Alison is Clint’s second child with his first wife Maggie. She was born in 1972 and works as an actress and director. She actually co-starred in Clint’s film The Mule. Her directorial credits include Rails & Ties, Battle Creek, and the TV series Unleashed.

She also founded the Eastwood Ranch Foundation in 2012, which rescues pets from high-risk shelters and care for them until they find a forever home.


After Maggie and Clint divorced, Clint had two children with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. Scott, arguably the most famous of Clint’s children, was born in 1986, and looks almost identical to his legendary dad.

Scott is also an actor and has appeared in movies beginning in 2006. His film work includes starring roles in Suicide Squad, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and The Longest Ride, just to name a few, as well as a Taylor Swift music video.

He also hosts a podcast called “Live Life Better with Scott Eastwood.”


Kathryn is Clint’s second child with Jacelyn Reeves, born in 1988. She has acted in a few projects including Virus of the Dead, Jersey Boys, and Mr and Mrs Muse: Retribution. She previously went by her birth name, Kathryn Ann Reeves.


In the 1990s, Clint had a relationship with actress Frances Fisher and they had a daughter together, Francesca, in 1993. Francesca’s first acting credit came in 1995 in The Stars Fell on Henrietta.

She appeared in Clint’s 1999 movie True Crime and then didn’t act again until 2014’s Oh, You Pretty Things. She also appeared in Jersey Boys, Outlaws and Angels, Fargo, Twin Peaks, and more.

Francesca had a child with boyfriend Alexander Wraith in September 2018.


In 1996, Clint married Dina Ruiz, marking his second marriage. The same year, the couple had a daughter named Morgan. Dina, Morgan, and Francesca starred in the E! reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company in 2012.

As a child, Morgan appeared in two of Clint’s films, Changeling and Million Dollar Baby. In May 2018, Morgan graduated from college, with her parents and most of her siblings there to support her.

While these eight siblings may not all be full siblings, they certainly act as though they are.

A few of them may show up to events together, but it is incredibly rare for all eight of them to be together. Check out this photo of them at The Mule premiere.