Study Proves Your Spouse Loves The Dog More Than You

ar.suni / Instagram via laine.paruma / Instagram

Dogs didn’t earn the title of “man’s best friend” for no reason. People love their dogs, and dogs love them unconditionally in return.

Our favorite furry companions share our homes and our lives, so it’s no wonder why we have the tendency to develop such strong bonds with them. And one survey is showing just how close dog owners truly are to their four-legged friends.

The survey, which was conducted by the organic dog treat company Riley’s Organics, asked dog owners a series of questions to see how close they are to their pets.

9GAG reports the results of the survey, which focused on how much affection owners show toward their dogs. Some questions were asked in relation to human partners, and the results are quite surprising!

One of the questions on the survey resulted in 52% of respondents confessing they kiss their dog more often than their partner/spouse. But that’s not the only time the participants admitted to showing more affection to their pets than their significant others.

When asked if they’d rather share a bed with their dog or their partner, 52% of the respondents said they’d rather snooze next to their dog.

But the most overwhelming response came to a question that asked respondents if they’d rather spend a night out with friends or stay at home with their dog. A staggering 94% of the participants indicated they’d rather stay at home with their pup.

It makes sense why the participants answered the way they did. Dogs shower us with so much love, so they deserve and equal amount of love in return! You can watch country superstar Miranda Lambert spoil a few of her adorable furry friends by tuning in to the video below.

How about y’all? Would you rather stay at home with your dog or live it up on the town with your best pals? And do you prefer sleeping with a canine companion or a human partner?

We’d love to hear all of your thoughts to see if the results of this survey are accurate!