Great White Shark Flies Out Of Water & Comes Extremely Close To Little Boy

Doug Nelson / New York Post

One family got the scare of a lifetime while fishing in the waters of Cape Cod. And the whole thing was caught on video.

The Nelson family and a few friends went out for a normal day of fishing when they got a bite on one of the lines. They stared reeling in the fish, and were surely excited to see how impressive their catch was.

But they never got the chance to check it out, because someone else came along and stole it off of their line. And that someone else just so happened to be a great white shark.

The massive animal flew out of the water in an instant, and snatched the fish up in its powerful jaws. For the Nelsons, the experience may have been less noteworthy if it hadn’t been for the fact that the shark came shockingly close to their boat.

In fact, when the shark jumped, it was so close that its jaws were within inches of young Jack Nelson, who was standing near the edge of the boat. After the shark jumped out of the water, a terrified Jack ran away and exclaimed to his father, Doug, who was filming, “Holy shizzle! Dad that was at my fingers! I almost don’t have any arms.”

Jack isn’t exaggerating. As you can see in the clip, he wasn’t far away from the shark. If he had been just a little closer or the shark jumped just a little harder, there’s no telling what may have happened to the young boy.

As you would expect, the video that Doug filmed of their shark encounter has gone viral. Multiple news outlets have picked up the story, including The Boston Herald. The outlet spoke with the boat’s captain Marc Costa, who said he’s had some other close encounters with great whites before, but never like this.

There have been some close takes … but nothing as acrobatic as that,” Costa said.

We’re sure the shark’s acrobatics left the Nelsons feeling pretty shaken up for a while! You can watch their terrifying encounter with the shark in the clip below.

How would you react if you were ever placed in a situation like this? We think we would respond like little Jack did…we would run away and run fast!