Gator Filmed Climbing Over Fence At Naval Air Station In Florida

Christina Stewart / ActionNewsJax / Twitter

The Naval Air Station in Jacksonville may be a secure military base, but one determined alligator still managed to sneak in.

A chain link fence runs along the roadside of the base, and its purpose is to deter would-be intruders of the human variety. We’re sure those who installed the fence never thought it would have to be made a little taller so that it could stand up against gators!

While driving alongside the base on Saturday (August 17), Christina Stewart noticed a decent-sized gator attempting to scale the fence. So naturally, she started filming.

Stewart was surely shocked to see that the gator managed to scale the entire height of the fence. Once it reached the top, it flopped over onto the opposite side, and was then on the Naval Air Station’s premises.

Officials at Naval Air Station Jacksonville spoke to WFTV 9News about its gator intruder. The officials said they do not plan to remove the gator from the base unless it poses a serious threat to the Air Station’s residents.

There’s no telling where the gator is now. Hopefully it stays away from anyone who lives on the base!

One thing’s for certain, the Naval Air Station may want to look into gator-proofing its fences so this doesn’t happen again. Because if one gator can scale a fence, surely others can!

You can watch the video that Stewart filmed of the fence-climbing gator below. How would you react if you witnessed this?