Toddler Shoves Ingredients In His Mouth While Making Cookies

Christy Hagedorn / Facebook

A mom named Christy Hagedorn shared a video on Facebook of her mom and her son Cade making cookies together. The result was so hilarious that they have recently found some viral fame from it!

Christy’s original video has over 24 million views, with another 29.2 million when the video was uploaded by another Facebook user, and 13 million on another page. Many different news outlets, including The Today Show, have featured the video of Cade and his nana, and once you see it, you’ll understand why!

The video begins with Cade telling everyone that they will be making cookies. Wearing an adorable chef’s hat and apron, Cade immediately agrees to not eat the butter when adding it to the mixing bowl.

Seconds later, the video cuts to Cade and Nana fighting over the bowl and Cade can be seen shoving something in his mouth! Then, Cade helps add sugar to the bowl and tries to take a handful of it. This pattern goes on for every ingredient, including the raw egg.

One of the funniest parts was when he shoved half a stick of butter in his mouth! Although she was fighting with Cade trying to keep him from eating the ingredients, Nana couldn’t help but laugh at her grandson, who clearly was having a great time.

They were making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and Cade eventually shoved each and every ingredient in his mouth. Sugar? Yep. Butter? Yep. Raw eggs? Yep. Flour? Yep.

The only thing he didn’t enjoy was the baking soda, which he said, “Yucky” after tasting it.

Watch the hysterical video below!