A 6-Foot-Snake Had To Be Removed From A Kansas Resident’s Couch

Butler County Fire District #3 / Facebook

In January 2020, a Kansas resident made a surprising discovery in their home. There was a boa constrictor hiding in their couch!

WDAF reports that the resident has lived in the duplex for four years and never owned a snake. So they have no idea where the boa came from, who it belongs to, or how it got inside of their house.

The resident called Rose Hill PD after discovering the snake. Then, the PD reached out to the Butler County Fire District #3 to assist in removing the snake from the home.

Butler County Deputy Fire Chief Melvin Linot was tasked with getting the boa out of the couch. The Fire District’s official Facebook page uploaded a picture of Chief Linot holding the snake after he successfully wrangled it out of the couch and brought it outside.


The Fire District’s post says the snake is estimated to be six feet long. That’s one big boa!

Since the snake isn’t native to Kansas, officials knew it must have been someone’s pet. Because it didn’t belong to the resident of the duplex, the Fire District started searching for its owner.

Snakes tend to show up in the strangest places sometimes. From shopping carts, to beds, and even toilets, it seems that snakes can pop up almost anywhere.

Below, we’ve included a video from Inside Edition that details some of the weirdest places snakes have been found. If you thought it was wild that the Kansas resident found a six-foot boa in their couch, just wait until you finish this clip.