Mourn Country Icons Taken Too Soon With Iconic ‘Highwayman’ During Farm Aid 1985

Taking the stage along with Glen Campbell, The Highwaymen delivered one of the most beautiful and impressive performances of their hit song “Highwayman” to an audience full of people dedicated to supporting American farms and farm families. Before Boy Bands Were Cool – There Were The Highwaymen. — RedDirt_Roots (@RedDirt_Roots) July 4, 2018 One […] More

Waylon Jennings’ Grandson Performs ‘Storms Never Last’ Duet With His ‘Grama Jessi’

When Whey Jennings was just a young boy, he watched his legendary grandparents perform countless times. His grandparents are none other than Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. It was during one of their shows that he fell in love with music, and since then, has been pursuing a music career. Whey now performs with […] More

Top 5 Best Waylon Jennings Duets

It’s hard to imagine a time when the legendary Waylon Jennings didn’t sport facial hair and long, shaggy hair, but when he emerged onto the music scene, he was a clean-cut young man. In fact, he was even part of Buddy Holly’s band! From there, he transitioned into rockabilly and eventually helped grow the outlaw […] More