Waylon’s “Good Hearted Woman” Soars In Talented Singer’s Rolling New Cover

YouTube/Country Rebel (Left), Fotos International/Getty Images (Right)

His voice reached the immense peaks of the cathedral ceiling with each powerful note in this chilling acoustic performance of country music’s legendary hit song…

Alabama native and incredibly talented singer, young Drake White is earning his keep in the country music industry and paying homage to those legends that came before him – especially with this cover!

Taking to Columbus, Ohio’s historic Bluestone event venue, White sat atop the bar holding just a guitar and unleashed a powerhouse acoustic performance of Waylon Jennings‘ unforgettable “Good Hearted Woman” that will make you weak in the knees.

The empty space, which was initially built as a church and, later, converted into the eye-catching venue it is today, still maintains its own natural resounding acoustics – a perfect choice for White’s raw and heartfelt performance.

“Good Hearted Woman” first was heard on country radio in December 1971 after being released as a single from his album of the same name. Written with Willie Nelson, Jennings was turned on to the idea for the song after an advertisement for Ike and Tina Turner caught his attention. Since its release, this iconic song has been a steadfast staple in any country music collection and remained a fan-favorite tune across decades.

Watch Drake White pay tribute to Jennings and his unforgettable hit song in the video below!