Hear The Ultimate Classic Country Version Of “You Never Even Called Me By Name”

Larry Hulst/Getty Images, David Redfern/Getty Images, David Redfern/Getty Images, Kirk West/Getty Images

With some of the biggest names in country music history like Waylon Jennings, Charley Pride, Merle Haggard, and David Allan Coe, this truly marvelous rendition of a country classic will blow you away – and have you begging for more!

Taken from his 1994 album, Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind, Doug Supernaw recorded his own version of Coe’s original hit “You Never Even Called Me By Name” – but with a very special twist.

Released in 1975, the track that became a massive hit for Coe name drops some of the most-notable people in country music at the time, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and Charley Pride. For his own version of the unforgettable classic track, Supernaw decided to bring all of the people mentioned and the original artist in for a collaborative recording session that featured all of them on the final record!

This twangy, fan-favorite hit is full of surprises as each of the legendary artists join in on various verses and produce chilling harmonies on the chorus, each of them taking a bit of the song and making it their own.

If you’re a fan of classic country music, you’ll easily recognize each artist as they come in on Supernaw’s famous joint venture – a track they exclaim as “the perfect country-western song”.

Check out this ultimate version of “You Never Even Called Me By Name” featuring, Waylon, Merle, Charley Pride, David Allan Coe, and Doug Supernaw below!