Bar Band Plays “Walk This Way” As Steven Tyler Walks By & He Joins Them

James Burrowes / Facebook

New Orlean’s Bourbon Street is always hustling and bustling with commotion, no matter what day of the week it is. You can find live music playing at almost every bar, but on this particular Thursday night at the bar Famous Door, what happened was anything but ordinary.

Steven Tyler was in town for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, but it wasn’t Aerosmith’s headlining set that was the biggest story of the weekend.

According to TMZ, Tyler was walking past Famous Door on Bourbon Street when a customer from inside the bar spotted him. The bar patron then ran up to the stage to tell the band and the guitarist bolted outside to invite Tyler to join them.

As Tyler walked inside, the band started playing the legendary Aerosmith song “Walk This Way” and without hesitation, Tyler jumped on stage and began singing lead vocals.

The bar patrons all looked pretty excited to have Tyler sing to them, but no one was more jazzed than the band members themselves. They were prepared to play a normal Thursday night gig – they had no clue they’d be backing a rock legend!

Watch the impromptu performance below.