Luke Bryan’s Mom Chased By Goose In Wife’s Funny Prank


Luke Bryan certainly has a firecracker of a wife in Caroline Bryan – but he also has a firecracker for a mom, and together these two manage to have way too much fun!

LeClaire Bryan and Caroline Bryan are incredibly close and have been for many years. Over the years they’ve learned how to have fun with one another – even if it’s a prank involving one mean momma goose!

Well, as the story goes – Caroline convinced LeClaire that they had a “super friendly” mother goose on the farm near the pond.

“I told Luke’s mom the “Mother Goose” was super friendly,” Caroline wrote in her Instagram caption. “I couldn’t resist! #motherinlaw #gooseattack #kissmyass.”

As you can see in this hysterical video, this Canadian goose has a couple of goslings around her – which is a sure sign the momma is going to be incredibly protective. Beyond that, Canadian geese are already known for their territorial nature – and have become quite an internet phenomenon.

So, while LeClaire is under the impression the goose is friendly – she goes ahead and tosses some feed at the goose and her goslings…but things don’t quite turn out the way she imagined.

As she gets closer to the goose, she notices it looks a bit angry and is taking steps toward her. Next thing she knows, it starts walking faster – and this is the part where LeClaire chooses to not get mowed down by an angry momma goose!

Instagram / Caroline Bryan

I doubt Caroline has seen LeClaire run so fast in her life as she dashes back to the ATV where she was cackling and filming watching her hysterical prank go down!

Watch the full video of Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, playing this “mother goose” prank on his mom below!