Bear Breaks Into Home, Two Small Dogs Run It Off

Deedee Mueller / YouTube

Home security footage caught a young brown bear entering a home through the back door and then being scared off by two brave dogs protecting their property. 

Deedee Mueller / YouTube

Deedee Mueller, the owner of small terriers Squirt and Mei Mei said she has seen bears before near her home in Pasadena, California but never has one entered through the back door.

Footage from a security camera outside showed the bear walk into the backyard to take a drink from the water fountain. It was a beautiful day outside so Deedee left the door open to let the breeze inside. The bear saw it open and decided to let itself in.

The camera in the kitchen showed the bear being a little more cautious as it slowly walked through the kitchen. It was most likely being sneaky because it was picking up on the scent of humans and dogs all over the place.

Deedee Mueller / YouTube

As it walked around the home and sniffed things, it started to make a little too much noise, and Squirt and Mei Mei heard it. The alerted “super-pups” jumped into action and came running from the living room. They begin to ferociously bark at the brown bear which, at this point, was high-tailing it out the back door as fast as it could.

“Based on the barks, I knew something was up,” Deedee said, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Fortunately, the dogs saved the day, no one was injured, and the bear ran off into some nearby woods. Deedee uploaded the footage to her YouTube channel where it’s already been viewed more than 100,00 times in the first three days.

Click below to watch the video.