Bison Gets Head Stuck In Car Window At Wildlife Park

ViralSnare Rights Management / YouTube

Leonardo Heizer was visiting a wildlife park with this family in Canada when he witnessed a wild bison getting its head stuck in the window of a visitor’s vehicle.

“Somebody opened the window and … the bison put the head inside the car and I was shocked,” Leonardo said, according to CTV News.

The incident took place at Parc Oméga located in Quebec and authorities said that the visitors had their window down when they were driving past the wild animal.

ViralSnare Rights Management / YouTube

Park officials said that it is specifically in the park rules that visitors must keep their windows up when driving through the park, and for this exact reason.

“He wasn’t trapped that long so thankfully it was just more panic rather than anything else, so he wasn’t hurt and he managed to get himself back out so we’re very thankful for that,” Lucy Robertson, a staff member at Parc Oméga said.

ViralSnare Rights Management / YouTube

The bison jumped and stomped around trying to get out of its predicament while the frightened passengers exited the vehicle. They waited as the bison tried for ten minutes to free itself until it was finally able to do so. However, not without significantly damaging the vehicle.

“The windshield was damaged and the column between the front window,” he said.

Leonardo said they were visiting the park for the first time and was hoping to see the bison, but wasn’t expecting to capture something this wild on film.

“I was thinking somebody is going to get hurt for sure,” Leonardo said.

ViralSnare Rights Management / YouTube

The park said that this type of incident has never happened before and it’s a perfect reminder to the public of the park’s rules.

“All of our safety rules have been put in place to avoid any incidents, such as what happened on Sunday, and just to ensure the safety of both animals and our visitors,” she said.

The park officials have not said if the driver of the vehicle would face any charges for not following the safety rules. They also said that the park is still open for the public to come see bison.