Black Bear Swipes At Man, Chases After Him

ViralHog / YouTube

Some terrifying footage has recently surfaced on the internet of a black bear chasing a man down the street in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia.

Eyewitnesses captured the hair-raising scene on camera as it showed the man walking down a snowy road talking on his cell phone. In the distance behind him, you see this massive bear head pop up over a snow mound looking straight towards the guy.

He appeared to be reporting to someone on the phone that the bear was loose as he watched the bear slowly walked up towards him. Everything seemed fine and dandy until, out of nowhere, the bear began to charge at the man. The guy took a step back as the bear made contact with him and proceeded to swipe the man with his paws.

They say you should never run from a bear but this guy either never heard that before or he was just plain scared for his life. He took off running as fast as he could and, as predatory instincts would have it do, the bear started chasing after him.

ViralHog / YouTube

After doing some research into this video, we learned some very interesting information. Daily Caller reported that the bear was actually someone’s pet and they were taking it for a walk. The bear was eventually captured and taken by authorities along with the mother of the bear that was being held captive.

No one, including both bear, were hurt during the incident. However, the owner is now facing charges while authorities try to figure out how he came into the possession of the bear in the first place. Take a look at the video footage below.

Watch Bear Chase Man In Video Below