Blake Shelton Bickers With Girlfriend Gwen Stefani In New ‘Voice’ Preview

The Voice / Facebook

When Adam Levine abruptly decided to quit The Voice just days after the conclusion of Season 16, the show needed to find a replacement right away. Work on the 17th season was due to start immediately, and the show couldn’t move forward with just three coaches.

So The Voice called on three-time coach Gwen Stefani to be Levine’s last minute replacement, and she enthusiastically agreed. During an interview on The Talk, Stefani said she ended up in Levine’s spot after receiving just a single text that was then followed up with a call from her manager.

Stefani will join reigning champion coach John Legend, two-time winner Kelly Clarkson, and longtime coach Blake Shelton, who also just so happens to be Stefani’s boyfriend.

The couple hasn’t coached together for several seasons. So now that their relationship is more advanced, it will be interesting to see what the dynamic between them will be like on the show.

Based on a new preview The Voice shared for the 17th season, we can assume that Stefani and Shelton won’t be playing nice with each other just because they’re dating. In fact, the short clip shows Stefani threatening to “fight” her boyfriend over a contestant she wants in the blind auditions.

You wanna fight Blakey?” she asks him.

I’m probably gonna pay for this later,” a dejected Shelton says.

The clip also shows Stefani using her “block” button on Shelton at one point to keep him from taking a contestant she wants. After hitting the button, she dances around on stage in front of Shelton’s chair as a way of mocking him.

Why are you doing this to me?” Shelton asks. “I thought you loved me!

And that’s just the start of all the hilarious things you’ll see and hear in the new preview for The Voice‘s 17th season. Go ahead and check it out below for even more laughs!

Based on this preview, we have a feeling that Season 17 is going to be one of the most entertaining Voice seasons in history!