Blake Shelton Calls Out Liars & Cheaters During 2018 Pop-Up Performance

Kravitz - 2018 ACMA / Contributor / Getty Images

In May, country superstar Blake Shelton announced on Twitter that he would be performing a free pop up show in Charlotte, North Carolina at a venue called Coyote Joe’s.

He performed many of his hits including “I’ll Name The Dogs,” “Neon Lights,” “Mine Would Be You,” as well as a cover of George Strait’s “All My Ex’s Live In Texas.”

One of his songs from his 2016 album If I’m Honest he sang was the punchy “She’s Got A Way With Words,” which was written by Wyatt Earp, Andy Albert, and Marc Beeson.[0]=68.ARDuexEiaUoWImSusAAZoZHt6BrnsL_9OsG2BeLZy3nIqD5GxntZ2GNnJ9l9ByKjw6QHfY895QWyjVX9m5G_h_aMfAvJfohx1WUyLVKs1YjnLe2HPluhmXbYAbUEAyqnRQjCO3YKDBp2WjZ5X75wYo0hp3Vh72hvRLpdQN3Aj3XXThVoSPjUnZLMdbTuiDdf9rlewjluRitMNVTbatVSrtOvx0A_nqISNRW-GmQE7J5eBINSod_laGbf8MEwnG76_uT-4l9s7JpynGEua4Lb6vVy3RNu-yVnqMxIO8grl9HtASghm0ToGNZRlx8x4jZKZPx0PwvOpSPMjQs&__tn__=-R

After breezing through the first verse and chorus, Shelton told the crowd, “This is my favorite verse right here!” before passionately singing the following lyrics.

Little words like ‘I’ and ‘do’
Lying, cheating, screwed
Yeah all the words I thought I knew
They got a brand new meaning now.”

He put a lot of emphasis on the words “lying” and “cheating,” seemingly calling out people who partake in those activities.

Watch that particular clip in the video below.