Carrie Underwood Looks Downright Gorgeous In Shoulder-Bearing Vacation Dress

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

For the first time ever, the Live at the Vineyard festival in Napa, California decided to host a “country edition” festival. The entire lineup featured country stars, with Carrie Underwood serving as the headliner.

The event ran from May 15-17, which gave Carrie and her family plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful Napa area. Her husband, Mike Fisher, and their son, Isaiah, both tagged along for the trip, and from the looks of it, everyone had a fun time.

Carrie originally shared a set of photos from their vacation while they were still in Napa. One of the photos shows Isaiah helping a chef cook their dinner, and it’s as adorable as can be.

Later, Carrie shared a photo from her performance at Live at the Vineyard. Her followers surely appreciated this glance at her show, since it was a pretty exclusive event.

You see, tickets to the Live at the Vineyard festival were not available for purchase. Instead, people earned tickets to the event through promotions and sweepstakes.

Now, a week after Carrie was in Napa, she’s reflecting on the wonderful time she had while she was there. She did so by sharing another set of photos from her vacation, and they’re some of the best yet!

The first photo in the set shows Carrie from the back, holding a parasol as she looks out at the vineyard in front of her. She was wearing a blue, patterned maxi dress that hung off the shoulders, and it was a flattering look for her!

As pretty as she looks in that photo, Carrie looks downright gorgeous in the pictures that follow. One shows her all cuddled up to Mike, and the two of them look perfectly content to be together in Napa.

We know one thing, looking at these photos makes us wish that we were on vacation!

Carrie won’t have much downtime here in the coming months. She’s set to debut a new album in September, which is named after and features her hit single “Cry Pretty.” You can check out its music video below.