Blake Shelton Is On Fire In “Come Back As A Country Boy” Music Video

Blake Shelton / YouTube

When Blake Shelton first emerged on the country scene over 20 years ago, he was rarely seen without his cowboy hat. Under his hat, was his famous mullet.

He even wore his cowboy hat for his first few music videos, including his debut single “Austin.”

Over the years, his cowboy hat has been put on the hat hanger. These days, he either goes hat-free or rocks a baseball hat, like he did in the “Hell Right” music video.

Fans were excited to see him back in a cowboy hat in the teaser for his music video for his latest single, “Come Back As A Country Boy.”

The video debuted on Wednesday (Nov. 10) and began in space with a meteor heading towards Earth. It landed in a pile of wood and sparked a huge fire. A fiery being emerged from the fire, and it turned out to be Shelton, quite literally coming back from the “dead” as a country boy.

Throughout the video, he can be seen on different locations of what we can only assume is his own ranch in Oklahoma singing about his love of being a country boy.

He sings, “If my neck don’t come out red, then Lord, just keep me dead / ‘Cause a country boy’s all that I know how to be,” as well as, “My feet ain’t in a holler, and blue ain’t on my collar / Leave my Hank-crankin’, beer-drinkin’ ass in the ground.

Watch the awesome music video below.