Blake Shelton Loves Up On Gwen’s Kids After ‘Voice’ Win

YouTube/Famous Celebrities Snaps

Having been together for two years now, it’s no wonder this country star holds deep affection for her three young kids, and they think he’s the best thing since sliced bread!

Blake Shelton took home the win (again) during last night’s Voice finale, and his beloved girlfriend Gwen Stefani was on hand to help him celebrate the special moment. Sitting backstage with her three children, she watched as he and his contestant were crowned this season’s winners – so they quickly made their way to his dressing trailer to congratulate him!

In the midst of a lot of commotion, celebration, and excitement, the kids all ran up to Shelton cheering and squealing with happiness for him and the special moment. As Stefani records the incredible time and shares it with her fans on social media, Blake asks the kids, “Hey! Where’s my hug? Give me my hug!”

Visibly ecstatic over the win for their mom’s boyfriend, the boys all took turns donning his special jacket that Stefani made for him and gave him hugs before running around. Even Stefani’s dad was on hand to celebrate and donned Shelton’s magical, sparkly jacket for a minute.

Check out Gwen Stefani’s full snapshot segment below! We couldn’t be happier for them all!