Blake Shelton Shares Video Of Birthday Cake & It Looks Too Perfect To Eat

Blake Shelton / Instagram

Blake Shelton‘s 42nd birthday was full of surprises, and big ones at that! The biggest surprise of all came in the form of a gift from girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

After spending the weekend celebrating his birthday and Father’s Day with Stefani’s family, Shelton got the birthday surprise of a lifetime when the couple returned to his Oklahoma home. The two flew in via helicopter, and after their ride Shelton got the chance to see his new gift…a flag pole!

Stefani shared a photo of her extremely happy boyfriend pointing and smiling at his new gift. We’d say that he liked it.

But that wasn’t the only big surprise that Shelton got on his birthday. No birthday party would be complete without a cake, and Shelton’s was one of the best we’ve ever seen.

In case y’all didn’t know, Shelton has been a longtime partner with Smithworks Vodka. You can even see him wearing a hat with the brand’s logo on it in the picture with Stefani and his new flag pole.

So in celebration of Shelton’s birthday, Smithworks decided to have a cake brought to him. But it wasn’t just any old cake. Instead, it was designed to look exactly like a bottle of Smithworks!

Shelton knew he just had to show off his giant cake, and did so through a video he shared to Instagram. The sweet creation looked too perfect to eat, but Shelton decided to take a big bite out of it anyway.

What do y’all think, would you like a cake like that?

Shelton’s birthday is just the latest of many things he’s been able to celebrate within recent weeks. On June 6, he became the big winner at the CMT Music Awards when his music video for “I’ll Name the Dogs” took home the Video of the Year Award.

You can go ahead and watch that video below, which also just so happens to feature some cake!